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Which Crew is For You?

While each of our Change Crews serves a unique purpose, collabortion is key. All of our crews serve together on a single outreach trip to maximize our level of impact.

Interested In...

•  Hands-on experience?

•  Shadowing health


•  Medical and dental work?

Interested In...

•  Teaching?

•  Interacting with others?

•  Building up the next


Interested In...

•  Getting to know people?

•  Asking questions?

•  Discovering needs?

•  Innovation?

Interested In...

•  Creativity?

•  Photography?

•  Design?

•  Videography?

Medical & Dental Crew
Medical & Dental Crew

Our medical and dental program was the first outreach program offered by Be the Change in the Philippines in 2016. We offer this program in each country we expand to in order to address immediate health needs while we engage with the community to identify additional needs.

Education Crew

Many children cannot afford an education, and teachers cannot obtain materials needed for their classrooms. Through our education program, we will provide lessons and activities for the children as well as supplying educators with the supplies and tools they need for their classrooms. Promoting health awareness in the community is also an important focus of our education program.

Education Crew
Discovery Crew
Discovery Crew

Engaging with the community to discover additional needs is a key part of our outreach. By building relationships and deeply understanding the communities we serve, we are able to gather information directly from the residents on how we can best meet their needs and develop programs that are most effective.

Creative Crew

Capturing the impact of our trips and the experiences of our volunteers is important for us to be able to communicate the work of our organization. We also utilize our Creative Crew to develop children’s activities to keep them engaged during the clinics and provide community activities like the fun photo booth we set up in the Philippines for patients while they waited.

Creative Crew
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Not able to participate on a trip, but still interested in supporting the work of Be the Change? Check out these awesome opportunities to donate or get involved locally to further our work around the world.

Donate to enable free Medical & Dental Care in global communities

Amazon Smile will donate a percentage of the purchased item's cost

There are ways to make a change without stepping foot on a plane!


We value the voices and stories of our volunteers. Check out what our volunteers have

to say about their experiences with Be the Change. SHARE YOUR STORY

Joseph Brewster


" It was an awesome opportunity to get to serve as a pharmacist in this capacity becase you really get to see the impact you can have in a community. "

Misty Glick


" There were times that I wished that I could do more for the sick and impoverished families than just snap a photo but I was quickly reminded that my job of documenting what was taking place and bringing awareness to the people's plight was equally as important. "

Danna Link


" I have a passion for reaching children in impoverished areas... My cause is more about preventing dental decay in children ages 6-16. So how we go about doing that is providing dental selants, tooth brushing, and flossing education. "

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