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Empower Leaders

We utilize Human-Centered Design and collaborate for change.  See how below!
University Campus Chapters

Using Human-Centered Design Thinking, Be the Change equips our University chapter members (also known as Campus Crews) with the creative problem solving tools to innovate solutions to the real world issues discovered on our outreach trips. We emphasize collaboration with existing organizations and design empower our communities to be self-reliant.


Learn Design Thinking

This breakthrough methodology ignites a creative spark in order to innovate solutions to the world's most difficult problems.

Learn the Needs

Our global outreach trips allow us to discover needs directly from the source: the community

This is where Design Thinking begins.

Change Challenges

Through Change Challenges, we test our Design Thinking skills as we protoype solutions to the needs discovered on our trips.

Implement Solutions

Campus Crew members have the opportunity to join our global outreach trips to obtain feedback on their protoypes directly from the communitiy.

Campus Crew Pilot Program

University of Houston

In collaboration with Friends of Haiti

August 2016

Interested in starting your own campus chapter?
Not a student, but interested in learning Design Thinking?
Interested in our Change Challenges?


The success of our mission would not be possible without individuals like you getting involved. Consider joining the work of Be the Change and see the lasting impact you can have in international communities.

Volunteer on an upcoming service trip or help out at the local level

Make a donation to help fund our global efforts



Partner with us so global communities can benefit from your expertise

Volunteer Story

Danna Link


" I have a passion for reaching children in impoverished areas... My cause is more about preventing dental decay in children ages 6-16. So how we go about doing that is providing dental selants, tooth brushing, and flossing education. "

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