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The Philippines

JUNE 2019

Trip Goals:

Provide free medical and dental care

Screen patients for diabetes

Enroll patients who met the enrollment criteria 

Open the Continuation of Care Clinic (CCClinic)

Educate diabetes patients on how to Count Carbs

Teach patients how to test their glucose

Est 365 days for volunteers to join us in CCClinic

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You have NO idea the number of hours that go into coordinating BTC’s medical missions! There are always a billion moving pieces occurring at all times. For this trip, we had some of our  Philippines team members completing various projects and driving out of their way to help in person (TY Caui Muñoz and Rhea Soltau), neighbors laminating and cutting endless amounts of items (TY Brooke Lynn Gregory, Lauren Maudlin, Nick Maudlin), students and UH and UT creating essential pieces (Jared Causey Sheneman, Joe B. Jacob, Minali Patel, Autumn Pback, Alisha Mathews, Vivian Ton) and we somehow got it all done and packed up in time! Get a better glimpse into the day leading up to our trip and day 1 here:

Our Team

This has already been the team who has kept in touch with each other the most after we returned home. We have so many inside jokes and memories that STILL fill us with laughter. Our  team of 16 was exponentially multiplied through the 100+ Filipino Volunteers that partnered with us. We had pre-med & pharmacy students to Clinical Specialist Pharmacist and a hygienist, an EMT, Nurse and a business owner. All followed the lead of the ever changing plan and can look back on how things unexpectedly fell into place in better ways than we initially had planned!

Free Services Provided

Vitals Screenings (Ht, Wt, Temp)

Blood Pressure & Glucose Screenings

CCClinic Enrollment Screening

Nurse Triage

Physician Consultation

Medication Dispensing & Counseling

Dental Sealants & Extraction

Count Carbohydrates Education

Glucose Testing Classes


Travel Days                         

We started off our trip with a TON of excitement: first being the discovery of a new permit required to get through customs that were discovered within 30 hours of heading to the airport! All of our networks reach out to their contact and eventually got in touch with the needed departments despite it being a Sunday! God wanted to set the tone and show that He always had it under control even when it felt like chaos and came through literally as we were boarding the plane! Our team enjoyed one of the 7 Wonder of the World together: The Great Wall of China

Meal in China

Day 1       

Our team was warmly greeted by “Mama Lucy and Papa George” in the form of a tasty traditional Filipino Breakfast. Despite the CRAZY amount of preparation we did prior to our departure, there was STILL so much to be done once we landed. Everyone on our team jumped in and each took lead of one of the many tasks and got it all accomplished in half the amount of time anticipated!

Diabetes Education by Dr. Christine Wicke

During Be the Change’s meeting with the Mayor of Concepcion back in October, the Filipino Healthcare Professionals we partner with requested an education session on Insulin and this is exactly what Dr. Christine Wicke provided our second day on the ground.  The team had the option to stay for Dr. Wicke’s 3-hour presentation and surprisingly our team was eager to stay and learn. A team member mentioned that her highlight of the day was seeing Q&A session between Dr. Wicke, BTC Founder (Kristine) and the Physicians because it's eye-opening to see the information students learn in school being applied to clinical practice in unique and tangible ways!

Clinic Day 1   Barrio Dolores   
164 served 

Did you know we had to cancel the first Medical Mission day? Day One’s clinic location was one we had not partnered with before. Despite having coordinated the logistics for months prior to our arrival, the head Physician of that location decided to wait to tell us the day before our clinic day of a permit that was needed. So it was decided that our first day of clinic at this location would be canceled. When that morning rolled around, it was also decided that our team would set up a medical mission in the front yard of Kristine’s parent’s home. Even though we only anticipated 6 patients to come, PEOPLE CAME in droves! It was hands-down THE most favorite day of the trip for almost everyone on our team! Read more about the details of this day here:

Clinic Day 2   Barrio Almendras   
562 served

Continuation of Care is what we strive to achieve throughout our organization, so our second and third Clinic location were the same locations we served on our previous Philippines Medical Mission. We cannot thank Edicute enough for driving 3+ hours to volunteer with BTC! They led our children's ministry in amazing ways and with very little guidance. Another big thanks to the team of local Lawyers set up stations to provide free legal counsel, affidavits, birth certificate copies and other legal documents to the community! With this being THE busiest day, the team Pauline got together of Filipino Pharmacists and students (paired with the Edicute volunteers) ensured our pharmacy ran as smooth as possible.

CCClinic ENROLLMENT   Barrio Dolores & Almendras   

A core value of BTC is honest feedback and it is not just something that goes through one ear and out the other. So when we got just that regarding our initial plan for this day, we changed it all up and our team had to roll with the punches as we finalized the details as we went! We spent the 1st half of the day in Dolores and the other half in Almendras enrolling the Continuation of Care Clinic patients into our program, teaching them how to use their glucometers we gave them and educated on how to count carbohydrates.

See the video

Carb Counting

Clinic Day 3   Barrio Caluluan
453 served

Caluluan’s patients had already started registration by the time we arrived, so we jumped right in! Our Vision and Dental station were consistently THE most sought after service our patient were excited and thankful for. Our volunteers described the shock our patients had when they were able to see clearly for the first time. The dental sealants and extractions our team provided  would not have been possible if it were not for the generous donations coordinated by Dr. Allen and our amazing hygienist, Danna!

Rest and Relaxation Days

Our team flew to the island of Cebu for MUCH needed Rest & Relaxation! As soon as we landed, we hopped on a boat and hopped around to different islands. The next day was packed with canyoneering, jumping off waterfalls then swimming/scuba diving with the Sardines! Our last day started off with swimming/scuba diving with the Whale Sharks, followed by more waterfalls and hiking! 

See the videos

Puffer Fish

Whale Shark

Sardine Run


Volunteer in our CCClinic!

Now YOU have 365 days available to go to the Philippines and volunteer in our CCClinic!

Hear from Previous CCClinic Volunteers

We value the voices and stories of our volunteers. Check out what our volunteers have

to say about their experiences with Be the Change. SHARE YOUR STORY


Christine Wicke

“BTC encourages all feedback and suggestions where you really feel like you are “the change” instead of just tagging along while other people “are the change”. I felt valued and appreciated each and every day.”


Jessica Galindo

“I’ve been on a handful of mission trips, and BTC has created a solution to an issue that I always struggle to accept: not following up. It is hard to leave the countries in which we serve not being certain if patients will continue to get the help that they need. This is why the Continuation of Care Clinic was my favorite part of the 2019 Philippines Outreach.”


Joby Jacob

“Sometimes growth can best be brought out by breaking your comfort zone. Although I served in a country in which I was foreign to the populace, a stranger to the language, and unknown to the culture, volunteering at the Continuation of Care Clinic was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my journey to a White Coat.“


Philippines 2016


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