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Myanmar 2018 Outreach Trip


is becoming
its own 501c3

Medical Mission Trip Goals:

Provide free medical/dental care as well as rice and hygiene packs 

Serve at least 1,000 patients and have two clinics per day

Immerse into the culture & understand health disparages 

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Our Team

Our team of 57 people were dynamic in the success of this mission trip. Made up of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dental hygienist, pharmacy students, educators, a dietician, and non medical volunteers, our diverse team conquered every challenge with excellence and worked together in unison like they've known each other all of their lives to see over 1,300 people in three days. Lifelong friends were made on this trip with memories to cherish always!

Free Services Provided

Vitals Screenings (Ht, Wt, Temp)

Blood Pressure & Glucose Screenings

Nurse Triage

Physician Consultation

Medication Dispensing & Counseling

Dental Sealants 

Children's Programs

Health and Educational Workshop

Clinic Day 1

Clinic day 1 was a challenge as my team was still getting over the jet lag and had a lack of sleep. However, they made the best of a bad situation and came through wonderfully. We had two clinics and teams this day and they were busy days. Altogether, we were able to see around 400 people this day between the two clinics and really was able to see our teams come together and start working together cohesively.  

After clinic, we were able to have dinner at one of the favorite restaurant to have Hot Pot! We also had three birthdays that were happening during the trip and this was the night we decided to celebrate them. They were surprised making it a great night!

See the Video

Clinic Walk Through

Clinic  Day 2

Day 2 was extremely busy to say the least and we were able to have two clinics this day.  When our . red team arrived, we had over 100 people waiting to be seen! Our team immediately starting working . and we were able to see over 400 people between the two clinics this day!

See the Videos

Clinic Walk Through

Clinic Walk Through Continuation

Clinic Day 3 

Day 3 we were a smooth running machine and had the opportunity to do three clinics this day to make an even greater impact. Our teams traveled to Tuntay, the outskirts of Yangon, and Dala which is one of the slums of Myanmar. The need was dire and the impact was great. The people just kept coming and it was a challenge to keep up with the crowds of people needing help. I'm proud to say we were able  to see a total of over 500 people this clinic day and was a great  way to end the trip.

We  finished the day with a surprise for the team a at a floating boat restaurant that has a full buffet with a cultural show while you eat. The show was great and the food was awesome! It was a joy to see the . smiles on the team members face after a job well done and seeing over 1,300 people in just three days!

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Clinic Walk Through

Green Team Going to Clinic in Dala

Mercy Home Orphanage Education and Dental Clinic Visit 

We LOVE getting the opportunity to partner with one of the orphanages in Myanmar and to give back. This is one of the most favorite days for many as the children have a way of gripping your heart and making a great impact in the lives they touch. We were able to hear them sing beautifully and had the opportunity to do some education on proper oral hygiene, nutrition, and dehydration while our dental hygenist cleaned each of their teeth. Lastly, we had a chance to love on the kids some by playing some games and their beloved soccer! This was truly a great day!

See the Videos

Mercy Home Orphanage Education on Dental Hygiene

Mercy Home Orphanage Song One

Mercy Home Orphanage Song Two

The Great Wall of China

It was pure joy to be able to start our trip with a tour of The Great Wall of China! We had a long layover in Beijing and thought we would take full advantage to see on of the New Seven Wonders of the World! We had two awesome tour guides that gave us history and really allowed us to make the most of our time. They also set up an amazing buffet of authentic Chinese food that was delicious. Such a fun start to the beginning of the trip.

Rest & Relaxation in Bagan

Our time of relaxation in Bagan was much needed and filled with cultural insights. We were able to spend time in the World Heritage Site of Bagan and get to learn and explore many ancient temples. The morning started early with a hot air balloon ride over 2,000 ancient temples of Bagan at sunrise. This is always a highlight for so many on the trip and is such a serene and memorable experience. Afterwards we headed out of a tour of Bagan and its ancient temples. We began with some shopping at the local markets first and ended with some beautiful views and tours of temples. The team thoroughly enjoyed their time in Bagan. 

Join us on our next trip!

You do not want to miss this trip! Joseph Brewster will be leading another team to Myanmar March 14-24, 2020 through providing free medical and dental care and health awareness education to communities in Myanmar. We also will have an evangelism team joining us! There are exciting opportunities happening and we hope you can join! Medical and non-medical people needed! Sign up today!


Not able to participate on a trip, but still interested in supporting the work of Be the Change? Check out these awesome opportunities to donate or get involved locally to further our work around the world.

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