Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To empower leaders to achieve sustainable, customized change in international communities by seeking to understand the people behind the needs.
What Motivates Us?

We believe it is vital to understand who we are serving in order to properly meet their needs while embracing their culture. We strive for a diverse team and customize our outreach to meet the specific needs of each individual community.

Understanding the People We Serve

Who better to know the needs than the communities themselves? Our programs have already expanded beyond free medical care to address the recurring needs we witnessed during our service. As we continue to build relationships with communities abroad and come to understand their concerns, desires, and aspirations, we will be able to better tailor our outreach to the unique needs of each community.

Serving & Discovering

Our “Change Crews” come together to not only serve the community through free medical care and Health Awareness education, but also through need-identifying communication to better understand the needs of the community. 

Have no medical background? No problem! Discover which Change Crew would best compliment your passions. 


In June 2019, we opened the Continuation of Care Clinic  (CCClinic) in the Philippines. The CCClinic is a permanent & completely free Diabetes Clinic that provides one-on-one patient appointments, on-going medications, continuous laboratory monitoring, education on life-style modification.  It is astounding the impact we have ad in just the first 3 months!