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Continuation of Care Clinic

What happens to our patients
after our Medical Mission Team returns to the U.S.?

Sustainability is something we at Be the Change continually strive to achieve.

Did you find yourself asking this question as well?

 We not only asked it, we did something about it through establishing  the Continuation of Care Clinic (CCClinic)


What is the CCClinic?

The Continuation of Care Clinic (CCClinic) is a free Diabetes Clinic that Be the Change opened June 2019 in the Philippines that provides the following services free of charge to enrolled patients:

Regular check-ups with our Clinic Director

Lifestyle Modification education 

Accountability and support 

Glucometer, test strips & supplies

Continuous Laboratory Monitoring

Medication & dose adjustments as needed


Why did BTC establish the CCClinic?

Our patients with chronic disease states need medications daily

​Gaining control of diabetes goes beyond medication; Lifestyle Modification & accountability are essential

Large quantities could be sold & would not account for necessary dose adjustments

Our impact in just the first 3 months!

Our CCClinic Impact within

JUST the 1st THREE months!\

11 patients have already reached their A1c goal within the first 4 months!

81% had an average 21 point reduction in Systolic Blood Pressure

57% had an average 5 lbs weight loss

71% of our patients had an average 1.5 point reduction in A1c 

61% had an average 2.1 inch reduction in their waistline 

12 patients found out for the first time that their kidney function required stopping certain medications 

Volunteer in our CCClinic!

Now YOU have 365 days available to go to the Philippines and volunteer in our CCClinic!


Hear directly from our patients how Be the Change's Continuation of Care clinic has not only impacted their lives,  but the lives of the community as a whole


MB, 63 years old

“The program is really good, it helps a lot of patients, I became more disciplined, especially how to maintain our diet. Before, I'm always drinking soda, but now I am more conscious that I don't need to drink it. Regarding my medications, I’m not regularly taking it before, but now because of BTC there's a lot of changes happened, and I feel better now than before.” 


RC, 37 years old

 “Thank you Be the Change! I gained confidence in myself regarding diet, exercise, food limit. I also observed my co-patients that most of them now have self-control when it comes to the food they eat. We are sharing what we learn with our friends and it is spreading that way too.” 


MCD, 59 years old 

“In this program, we can now save up money through providing free medications and check ups. You are helping us in our needs for this illness (diabetes) and before our problem is where to find the money for the check up so we just ignore our diabetes, but now we have regular check ups. Thank you so much for everything!" 

Hear from Previous CCClinic Volunteers

We value the voices and stories of our volunteers. Check out what our volunteers have

to say about their experiences with Be the Change. SHARE YOUR STORY


Christine Wicke

“BTC encourages all feedback and suggestions where you really feel like you are “the change” instead of just tagging along while other people “are the change”. I felt valued and appreciated each and every day.”


Jessica Galindo

“I’ve been on a handful of mission trips, and BTC has created a solution to an issue that I always struggle to accept: not following up. It is hard to leave the countries in which we serve not being certain if patients will continue to get the help that they need. This is why the Continuation of Care Clinic was my favorite part of the 2019 Philippines Outreach.”


Joby Jacob

“Sometimes growth can best be brought out by breaking your comfort zone. Although I served in a country in which I was foreign to the populace, a stranger to the language, and unknown to the culture, volunteering at the Continuation of Care Clinic was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my journey to a White Coat.“

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